i) Select your categories carefully and ensure age limit criteria are fulfilled. Children and Minors under 18 must need a parental consent letter to take part in the Marathon.
All the terms and conditions apply to children equally as adults.

ii) Tickets purchased cannot be returned or refunded. Unless the Marathon gets canceled due to weather conditions or other unforeseeable circumstances, the organizers shall take responsibility and refund your tickets.

iii) Age verification of the participants can be conducted before, during and after the Marathon. Participants must carry identification and age-proof documents.

iv) Participants acknowledge that Marathon is an extreme sport and they are responsible for their own health conditions, and the organizers will not be accountable in any case of health complications. Participants must undergo medical check-ups and get a physician’s opinion before participation.

v) If you feel dizzy/fatigued/pain at any point in your run, we ask you to immediately discontinue the Marathon and seek medical attention.

vi) Consumption of steroids or performance-enhancing drugs is strictly prohibited, and participants


i) Kindly arrive at least an hour before the Marathon to ensure smooth proceedings

ii) They must carry their identification and age-proof documents

iii) Participants must receive their BIB number and Kit in person before the Marathon begins at the centers


i) Participants must complete their race after 16th July and before 23rd July 2023

ii) They must use the official and approved mobile distance/step tracking applications to submit as proof of completion. Any other applications will not valid

iii) International & Virtual Participants will receive their BIB Kits only 15 to 30 days after completion of the Marathon